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Linking You To Medicine


Vitallync was created to provide immediate access to medical care in remote locations using Telemedicine technology.  Our solution allows you to get immediate medical access so that an informed decision can be made for you or your employee's medical care.  

Immediate Access To Care

Real time information allows you to make immediate decisions on medical care.  These decisions can result in cost savings when you would normally have to transport personnel in a "safe versus sorry" remote location scenario.

More Than Just A Video Conference

Many solutions provide just a video conference solution.  Our solution includes, but it not limited to the following devices:



            Exam Camera


            Ultra Sound            

Minimize Employee Downtime

Instead of having to leave the job site, you and/or your employees can be more productive by skipping the wait in the doctors office.


Jason W. Bergeron

25 Years Experience in Information Technology

16 Years Co-Owner of IT Consulting Company

  Microsoft Certified Professional

2015 Chamber Star Award Winner 

Brandon Rhodes, RN, BSN, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners

American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

NRCME certification for CDL physicals

Dr. Robert Davis, MD

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Board of Family Medicine

American College of Physician Executives

American Board of Medical Management

American Association of Medical Review Officers

NRCME certification for CDL physicals

System in Action

Easy to use Telemedicine System providing immediate medical care.


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